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CWTP 2021 – 2022 Annual Report

In 2021-2022, 84 school districts participated in HDI’s Community Work Transition Program (CWTP), a collaboration with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and local educational agencies. The HDI CWTP staff provided the school districts with training, resources, and updated information to assist with successful delivery of Pre-Employment Transition Services and CWTP Transition Services to students with disabilities who are eligible or potentially eligible for vocational rehabilitation services.

A total of 342 individuals attended the mandatory CWTP statewide trainings. A total of 121 Employment Specialists, and others received a two-day training specializing in the provision of Pre-Employment Transition Services and CWTP Transition services.

Additionally, HDI CWTP staff provided optional training throughout the school year. In collaboration with the Commonwealth Council on Development Disabilities, the CWTP scheduled and facilitated a training for CWTP Employment Specialists and students. This webinar assisted school staff in working directly with students on a vision for employment and Social Security work incentives for students with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income. Thirty-three Employment Specialists, school staff, and students attended the webinar.

Sixteen online training modules, housed on the CWTP website, provided yearlong access to video instruction for using the CWTP electronic forms.

Staff also provided three optional 60-minute “Chit Chats” for Employment Specialists, via online format. Each session targeted a specific topic, an area of concern or a topic related to a new policy or procedure within the program, with time provided for Q&A.

The CWTP team provided guidance about the program policy and procedures through 1782 various technical assistance and capacity building opportunities to CWTP Employment Specialists; CWTP Primary Contacts; Directors of Special Education; other school staff; Office of Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, coordinators and administration personnel; and students and their families.

Designated CWTP staff completed Compliance and Programmatic Reviews for 10 different participating districts. The reviews consisted of desk audits of student records and districtwide indicators, staff interviews, and on-site visits. The staff also conducted monitoring and review activities for districts in the non-compliance and correction phase of the program reviews.

Regarding End of the Year data collection, 76 schools completed data on 1368 students who received Pre-Employment Transition and Employment Transition Services from the CWTP in SFY22. 

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