Many people with disabilities experience significant disparities in health when compared to people without disabilities. HDI efforts seek to address this through research, training, capacity building, and advocacy at the individual, community and systems level.


Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities

The Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities has been awarded to the ...

Kentucky Inclusive Health Collaborative (KIHC)

Health is the foundation for leading a successful and happy life which includes physical, emotional, ...

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND)

The Human Development Institute (HDI), Kentucky’s University Center on Disability, is administrator for a five-year ...


As the nation's clearinghouse & comprehensive training center for sharing accurate, balanced, and up-to-date information ...

Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities National Training Center

The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (MHDD) National Training Center is a collaboration between the ...

Merge Project

The Merge project will strengthen the existing training framework serving Kentuckians with co-occurring mental health, ...

Preservice Health Training Project

The Human Development Institute has developed, in collaboration with families, consumers, and medical, nursing, and ...

Project Supporting Children of the OPioid Epidemic (Project SCOPE)

Project SCOPE is a nationwide initiative to train interdisciplinary teams in high priority states on ...

RETAIN Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment, University of Kentucky Human Development Institute, and other committed ...

Special Olympics Kentucky’s Healthy Athletes Program

Special Olympics International began the Healthy Athletes Initiative in 1997 with the mission is to ...

Women’s Health & Disability

HDI's Kentucky Inclusive Health Collaborative partnered with the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program to create ...


This document provides tips for working effectively with ASL Interpreters in a presentation setting.
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HDI has been at the forefront of helping to lead and guide what it looks like to work, learn and connect from anywhere. Read about how we adapted in 2020 in our annual report.
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An overview of medical discrimination and healthcare inequities experienced by people with disabilities. Goals and objectives for the newly established Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities will be presented along with the Center’s five areas of focus: Prenatal diagnosis of disability, suicidality among people with disabilities, aging and end-of life care with a disability, discrimination in organ transplantation, and COVID-19 response related to the disability community. Seemingly diverse, these areas of focus share the same emphasis on addressing the bias and stigma about disability that results in poor health outcomes for the disabled community.
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The purpose of this guide is to increase awareness of recreation opportunities for individuals of all abilities across Kentucky, as well as general resources that serve people across the nation. This guide is updated frequently as new opportunities become available across the state.
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Join Morgan Turner, Health Education Specialist of the Inclusive Health & Wellness Initiative for the video series Morgan’s Musings. In this informational series, Morgan interviews self-advocates, professionals, and family members of individuals with disabilities to gain a unique insight into their perspective and experience. Topics focus on leadership, self-advocacy, and disability as they relate to health.
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Project CHEER worked with a team of self-advocates in partnership with Disability Don’t Mean Can’t, a fitness and motivational resource developed by Kentucky native, Michael Carter, to create a comic book called Busting Down Barriers! The storyline was developed in collaboration with the real-life characters. The easy to read comic addresses different areas of health including how to be a strong self-advocate, access to healthy resources and how to achieve personal health goals. The comic is available in both print copies and an online video.
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For 50 years, the Human Development Institute (HDI) has served the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the region, and the nation as a major leader in thought, policy, and science regarding the lived experiences of Americans with disabilities. Ongoing research projects of HDI generate important resources that build infrastructure and generate new knowledge to advance disciplines. Evaluation generates an understanding of the complex context within which many programs reside and provides meaningful information for program impact and sustainability. In collaboration with virtually every academic unit at UK and a vast network of external partners, HDI has developed a strong national and international reputation for research excellence.
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Fact sheet on opioid use and disability, using national and Kentucky statistics.
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2019 National Core Indicators KY health data. This file includes health resources in Kentucky.
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This resource directory was designed primarily for use by people with disabilities and family members. We hope that it is also useful for professionals and researchers. The focus of this directory is to provide a searchable database of available resources, and to provide contact information to apply for resources and/or locate additional information. In many cases, we took definitions and eligibility for services directly from the agency websites that offer these programs.
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HDI to Host Prenatal Disability Education Summit

b/w photo of infant with black hair
On May 13, 2022, the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources, housed at the UK Human Development Institute will host the Prenatal Disability Education ...

HDI Staff and Students Selected to present at National Conferences

microphone with chairs in the foreground
Congratulations to HDI Staff selected to present at the 2022 National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference in San Diego, California in March. Evaluating the Stress-Appraisal-Coping ...

University of Kentucky Human Development Institute releases 2022-2023 Strategic Plan

University of Kentucky Human Development Institute releases 2022-2023 Strategic Plan
The University of Kentucky Human Development Institute (HDI) is pleased to announce the release of its 2022-2023 Strategic Plan. As Kentucky’s University Center on Disability, ...
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