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Graphic Medicine and Universal Design: Using Graphic Arts to Reduce Barriers in Healthcare
“It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that competitive integrated employment shall be considered the first and primary option for persons with disabilities of working age who desire to become employed.”  Kentucky’s Employment First Policy was signed into law on March 24, 2022.   In this brief video, people
Considerations and Practices by the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute Authored by: Sincere Holmes, Stuart Rumrill, Stefani Whaley, and Nicholas L. Wright
Join Delaney Wickert, Research Assistant and Dr. Phillip Rumrill, Director of Research at the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute, for a Conversation about the Employment Concerns of Americans with Multiple Sclerosis: Seeking Participants to Complete a National Survey. You can complete the survey by calling 859-257-3360 or visiting