Updated HDI Disability Resource Manual

HDI recently updated our popular Disability Resource Manual in both English and Spanish to make sure individuals with disabilities across Kentucky could find the most valuable resources available at different stages of life. The manual is currently accessed by more than 6,000 English-speaking and 1,500 Spanish-speaking families annually to help them navigate the sometimes complex array of services available to people with disabilities. The Disability Resource Manual is a handbook of program descriptions, eligibility criteria, and contact information of the local, state, and national resources across the lifespan, from before birth to retirement. Topics of particular interest found in the manual include prenatal/postnatal resources, education, finances, transition, healthcare resources, assistive technology, community living, employment resources, and advocacy information.

Because the resources available to people with disabilities often come from diverse sources, including non-profit, government, and educational entities, it can sometimes be difficult for families to put together the roadmap of resources that can help a person achieve their goals. This resource manual is intended to give them the directions, map, and guidebook to more easily navigate the journey toward independence and success. The Spanish version is even more critical as a map for those whose journey may be even more complicated because they speak a different language.

According to Director, Kathy Sheppard-Jones, “The Disability Resource Manual is a powerful tool. We are very pleased to get the new edition online and in hard copy format to share with Kentucky families and providers. We are also collaborating with the Kentucky Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities to create a user friendly, interactive tool that can further help families learn about resources that may be available.”

See the new manual in English and Spanish.