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HDI Staff and Students Selected to present at National Conferences

Congratulations to HDI Staff selected to present at the 2022 National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference in San Diego, California in March.

Evaluating the Stress-Appraisal-Coping Model of Wellbeing for People with Multiple Sclerosis during the Pandemic by Kanako Iwanaga and Phillip Rumrill

Determinants of Quality of Life Among Employed People with Multiple Sclerosis: Hierarchical Analysis by Muna Bhattarai, Phillip Rumrill, Malachy Bishop, and Mirang Park, Ph.D

Strategies For Working with Individuals with TBI Across Phases Of The VR Process by Ahonle, Zaccheus .J., Phillip Rumrill, Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, and Charles Edmund Degeneffe

Consumer-Centered Vocational Rehabilitation Strategies for Stroke Survivors: Implications for the Coronavirus Era presented by Walt Bower, Phillip Rumrill, Amy Rumrill, Deborah Minton

Transition-aged Youth with Disabilities in STEM: A Snapshot and Future Considerations by Jina Chun, Kaiqi Zhou, Stuart Rumrill, Tracy Tittelbach, David Rosenthal

The Association Between Hope and Employment Among Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis by Beatrice Less, Stuart Rumrill, Antonio Reyes, and Bradley McDaniels

New Directions in Rehabilitation Counseling for Individuals with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders by Stuart Rumrill, Jaeyoung Kim, and Kaiqi Zhou

Drug Abuse and Academic Adjustment in Veterans with Disabilities: A Parallel Mediation Study by Stuart Rumrill, Yazmin Castruita Rios, Mizuka Yasuoka, Zeynep Aydin, Emre Umucu, and Kaiqi Zhou

Employment Experiences of Hispanic/Latinx with Multiple Sclerosis: Results from a National Survey by Yazmin Castruita Rios and Stuart Rumrill

Return to Work and Job Retention Interventions for Working-Aged Adults with Multiple Sclerosis by Judy Huang and Stuart Rumrill

Congratulations to HDI Staff and students selected to present at the 2022 Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Honolulu, Hawaii in February.

Consumer-Centered Vocational Rehabilitation Strategies for Stroke Survivors: Implications for the Coronavirus by Walt Bower, Julie Pfeiffer, Phillip Rumrill

Emerging Disabilities and Considerations for Employment, Education, and Healthcare in an Expanding Disabled Population by Julie Pfeiffer, Sara McCurry, Jon Drummond, Juliet Souders

The Current State of Air Travel for Americans with Disabilities: Implications for Policy, Regulation, Implementation, and Advocacy by Julie Pfeiffer, Walt Bower, Phillip Rumrill

Increasing Access to the Performing Arts: Using Universal Design to Make the Arts Better for Everyone by Haley Potter