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50th Anniversary Spotlight on Adam Potter

HDI is less about the organization itself, and more about the people we serve. HDI means accessibility, inclusion, acceptance, understanding, ingenuity, communication, and technology – all combined in perfect unity. 
Adam Potter – Digital Media Specialist

How did you come to know HDI?
I learned about HDI while searching for a job after college. I applied and worked as a STEPS Digital Media Assistant to Patti Singleton and the Digital Learning and Media Team.
How long have you been at HDI and what is your role?
I’ve been here for three years as a Digital Media Specialist and Video Project Coordinator.
During your time at HDI, of which accomplishments are you most proud?
The Digital Learning and Media Initiatives team has accomplished a lot over the last three years. We’ve created videos, podcasts, online trainings, modules, websites, and so much more. In approximately 1,000 days, I have been able to impact a portion of many projects, and I’ve met so many incredible, hard-working people along the way.
Looking back, can you please share with us a fun or fond moment you had at HDI?
The 50th Anniversary Gala was awesome, and it reminded me of another fun moment we have about once a quarter. The office at Coldstream loves throwing cookouts, and Dave Flechler makes a mean brisket.
Do you have any advice you would like to share with current and future staff and students at HDI?
Never be afraid to ask others for help – everyone in our work community is so supportive, and it’s such a blessing to have a job in which every employee is appreciated for what they can contribute to the whole.
What do you think the future holds for HDI?
We are already considered a top program in our field. I believe that we will continue to strive for equality and inclusion for all, and our organization will continue to exponentially improve and expand. This is a “get back what you put in” situation, and the HDI community gives like no other.