Photo of Lieutenant Colonel Tony Dotson

HDI’s Developmental Disabilities Graduate Certificate Program Invites Tony Dotson to Speak on Leadership

Are leaders born or are they made? Is leadership art or a science? Can you be introverted and be a leader? These are the types of questions graduate students in the Human Development Institute’s (HDI) Leadership course recently discussed in the Developmental Disabilities Graduate Certificate.

“Leadership is an art, and if you know about art, art is always changing and leaders must be open to learning new knowledge about leadership as well,” said Tony Dotson, Director of University of Kentucky Veterans Resource Center.

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Summer Leadership Camp students with certificates

Latest Fund for Excellence Grants: Winter 2018

We’re excited to share that HDI is funding the following four outstanding Fund for Excellence projects this quarter! With improved consumer advocacy, leadership, and transportation options, take a look at these projects to learn how HDI plans to build more inclusive and empowered communities in Kentucky and nationwide.

This round of Fund for Excellence projects represent timely and exciting recognition of pressing needs in Kentucky. We hope that findings will be used to directly impact lives of Kentuckians with disabilities and their families, with the potential to add to the literature and develop larger projects as well!—Kathy Sheppard-Jones

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