OLS Minigrants


The Office of Learning Services issued a Request for Application (RFA) through the Special Education Division of the Regional Education Cooperatives (coop).  The grant will fund four liaisons to serve districts and schools who are struggling with meeting grade level or benchmark academic expectations.  Through the Kentucky Department of Education’s State Personnel Development Grant,  4 awards [e.g. $60,000 each] will be made to coops to hire liaisons to assist in closing the achievement gap in their region while also developing online materials to support teacher professional growth (e.g. PGES, CT4CG) and Novice Reduction using sustainable practices.

The grants will provide funds to hire liaisons and cover travel to support gap closure and novice reduction via direct or virtual support at the district and school level.  These services will focus on teacher training and support, co-teaching, data collection, and progress monitoring and student engagement while utilizing online training modules exemplifying research based practices.  The activities will provide direct and indirect services to districts and schools across the areas of academic instruction ultimately to support student achievement.  The services provided to the district and schools will be research based and developed in partnership with the KDE, coop, and University of Louisville staff.



Overview Video Presentation: