Universal Design Certificate

The Certificate in Universal Design is designed to give students a foundation in the principles of universal design and its application across disciplines. The Certificate creates a focus for students’ scholarly work in developing environments that maximize the engagement of diverse communities. Universal design creates environments and resources that are useable by people across the lifespan. Universal design utilizes a broad set of strategies that promote inclusion and participation of all within a diverse world. The certificate provides academic recognition for participating in 12 hours of coursework.This Certificate shows that the student has attained competency in universal design. Utilizing universal design ensures that the needs of the widest range of possible users are considered at the outset. The principles of universal design are applicable across environments, programs and learning across the lifespan. Students in this Certificate will: 1) enhance their critical thinking skills and develop their leadership potential; and 2) further their knowledge in developing resources and environments that promote engagement of a diverse world.

Project Director: Kathy Sheppard-Jones
Categories: Leadership & Self Advocacy, Priority Area, and Universal Design.
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