Athletic man in a wheelchair lifting weights.

Wellness Edge Subawardees Announced for Year 2!

In 2018, the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute (HDI) received a three-year grant totaling $600,000 from the Administration on Community Living. The project, Wellness Edge, is a Paralysis Resource Center State Pilot program grant. This grant builds connections within local communities to enhance and facilitate access to recreational programs to better serve people with paralysis and their support networks.
Each year, Wellness Edge provides grants of up to $10,000-$24,999 to community organizations that provide organized recreational activities that are intentionally designed to benefit individuals, groups or communities. Wellness Edge is led by a ten-person advisory committee made up of advocates who understand the importance of recreation in the overall quality of life for people with paralysis. Smaller review teams from that group grade the applications and decide on awards. Read more below about each of our subawardees for Year 2 and their proposed programs!

Learn more about Wellness Edge and stay tuned for fall  Project Wellness Edge activities this year!