LEND Trainee Morgan Turner headshot

Turner appointed to Kentucky Employment First Council by Governor Beshear

In 2020, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed an executive order to create the Kentucky Employment First Council, which helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment.

And now, one of our own will be helping out with that work.

Morgan Turner has accepted a position as Vice Chair on that council.

“The Kentucky Employment First Council helps get people with disabilities employed,” Turner said. “I was appointed by the Governor as someone with a disability to represent people with disabilities…attend and host the meetings if the chair isn’t there. I will serve on the executive committee.”

For Turner, this is a golden opportunity. Not only does it give him the chance to work for a cause he deeply values, but also allows him to serve as an example of what’s possible.

“I’m a person with a disability that’s employed and want to help other people with disabilities be employed,” Turner said. “[I want] to help people understand that individuals with disabilities can work and have a purpose and live a healthy life.”

And as someone who has lived that kind of healthy life himself, he’s well-equipped to help others find it. He plans to use his skills to be a leader and he’s looking forward to tackling his new responsibilities.

“[I am] excited about learning new things and how to be good vice chair.” he said.

Learn more about Employment First here.