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Transportation Tuesday: Ride Share

Since the invention of cars, people have shared rides; however, ride share participation has dropped significantly in recent years. Data shows that nine out of ten people drive to work in a car alone.

Waze Carpool is a Ride Share resource app that allows people to find riders or drivers in their area. Some important things to know about Waze Carpool are:

  1. Riders pay no more than the IRS reimbursement rate.
  2. Drivers do not earn taxable income or pay fees.
  3. App use is limited to two trips per day. It can be used to go to and from work or school.
  4. Home and destination addresses are hidden until you accept the carpool.
  5. Drivers use the Waze app, while riders use the Waze Carpool app.

The Transportation Initiative offers video, audio, and written information on creating and participating in a Ride Share. Learn more information at https://transportation.hdiuky.org/ride-share/.

The University of Kentucky and the Human Development Institute are not affiliated with Waze or Waze Carpool.  This resource is shared as information only and should not be considered an endorsement.