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Transportation Tuesday: ADA Paratransit

ADA Paratransit is an available service when a city’s fixed-route transit system does not meet the needs of a bus rider with a disability. To fully understand ADA Paratransit, we need to understand fixed-route service first.

Fixed-route transit systems operate on a set route and follow a fixed schedule. A city bus is an example of fixed-route transit. When a rider’s needs cannot be met by the fixed-route system, 42 U.S. Code, Section 12143 requires the public transit agency provide an alternate, accessible service. Per ADA Paratransit requirements, ADA Paratransit service area is the same as the fixed-route service.

Riders are eligible for ADA Paratransit service if they cannot independently use all or portions of the fixed-route service, even if they would be able to with the help of a friend or personal attendant. Eligibility may not be limited to categories of trips. ADA Paratransit is available for all categories of trips, including business, personal, and leisure, just like the fixed-route system.

The Transportation Initiative offers video, audio, and written information on ADA Paratransit eligibility, service types, scheduling, riding with a companion, and other helpful information. Learn more about ADA Paratransit service by watching short videos, listening to audio content, or viewing handouts at