Research Assistant Spotlight: Stephen Craker

Article by Bill Mazzoleni. Photo by Kari Jones.

HDI Research Assistant, Stephen Craker, was born in Indiana where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. He is specializing in school Psychology. Currently, he is working with Christina Espinosa. He helps Ms. Espinosa with capturing and transcribing presentations. He also assists her with rehab data entry. Along with Ms. Espinosa, Mr. Craker also works with Walt Bower with marketing at seminars. Mr. Craker’s favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee, and his favorite book is The Great Divorce.

Mr. Craker is interested and excited to learn and develop his knowledge while studying and assisting current research. His ultimate goal is to bring awareness and understanding at all levels to the schools he will work in. He would like to bring awareness to administration, faculty, students, etc. He would like to be able to bring knowledge through research and practical experiences to be able to live alongside students who are living with disabilities.