Spring Seminar: “Seeing STARS: Children with Special Needs in Early Care Settings”

This seminar is designed to engage staff from early care settings across Kentucky in new ways to see the ‘STARS’ in our young children with special needs. The seminar will review appropriate ways to identify and include children with special needs in their early care settings. We will introduce practical resources for screening, assessment, and inclusion of children with disabilities, and offer strategies for implementation of each area.” – Dr. Caroline Gooden 

Join us in person or online for our Spring Seminar series on Friday, February 3, 2017 from 1:00 – 3:00p ET to learn more about “Seeing STARS: Children with Special Needs in Early Care Settings.” Learn more from experts J. Michael Clyburn, PhD, Caroline Gooden, PhD, and Michelle Johnson. The seminar will be held at the Human Development Institute Training Room on the UK Coldstream Research Campus. A link to the live video stream of the seminar will be sent to registrants.

Click here to register for the seminar. For help registering, contact walt.bower@uky.edu.


  • J. Michael Clyburn, PhD. Dr. Clyburn is the Director of the Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services. He has served for 25 years in various educational administrative roles, including planning and launching preschools in Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Caroline Gooden, PhD. Dr. Gooden is Research and Development Associate for Early Childhood Services at the Human Development Institute at the University of KY. She is a certified KY early childhood trainer.
  • Michelle Johnson is a Quality Coordinator for the Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services. She is a certified KY early childhood trainer.

This seminar will begin with review of Leadership staff at the Division of Child Care at the KY Department for Public Health, the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood, and the KY Partnership for Early Childhood Services Child Care Aware staff who implement and monitor regulations and policy for quality rating of early care centers in KY. We will then briefly review the early learning standards that apply to implementation of services for children with special needs who are enrolled in early care centers. Then, the majority of our time will focus on practical strategies and resources to help centers serve their children with special needs, including screening, assessment, and best practice for meaningful inclusion of children with special needs.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learners will become familiar with KY Partnership Services for Early Childhood Services for early care centers, especially related to services for children with disabilities.
  2. Learners will become familiar with STARS Early Learning Standards that pertain to services for young children with disabilities.
  3. Learners will gain practical strategies for implementation of Early Learning Standards related to screening, assessment, and providing individual services to young children with disabilities.

Training hours are approved in Early Care & Education. CEU’s are approved in Effective Instructional Leadership.