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RETAIN Employer Seminar Series

When asked about the RETAIN Employer First Seminar series, Kimberly Wickert figured she’d let a frequent attendee, Judiann Romeo, AVP at CareWorks, speak to the experience.

“She’s presented for us over the last few years, and she’s also been an attendee from an employer perspective,” Wickert, who serves as Director of Organizational Partnerships for RETAIN Kentucky said. “Her comment to me was…’It’s a series where I continue to learn every month from national industry experts.’ That’s what brings her back.”

The Employer First Seminar Series began in 2021 on the suggestion of the Human Development Institute (HDI) Executive Director Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones. 

“It is a monthly 30-to-45-minute lunch and learn series that we provide,” Wickert said. “We provide takeaways or nuggets of information that are new to employers to learn best practices and workforce trends specific to stay at or return to work strategies.”

Sheppard-Jones and Wickert felt that a lunchtime meeting would be easiest for the most people to attend. They also chose to host the meetings online to increase accessibility.  They are also available on RETAIN’s Media Channel, RETAIN Kentucky Media.

Wickert said there have been a variety of presentations on various subjects for the year. 

“So far this year, we’ve had national subject matter experts talk about creating trauma responsive workplaces. We had a subject matter expert talk about an employer perspective on workplace culture, safety and stay at work strategies,” Wickert said. “And then just this month we had Dr. Tim Tansey from the University of Wisconsin, showcase the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center.”

There are several factors Wickert said HDI considers when seeking presenters for these seminars. 

“We look at things that employers can use as resources, like identifying and developing bench strength in their workforce, universal design strategies to promote quality employment for workers with mental health considerations and ways that they can promote safety in the workplace,” she said. “This information provides best practices to hiring and retaining workers.”

And with convenient timing and online attendance, Wickert hopes that these seminars will be easy to attend for anyone who hopes to learn from them. 

“It’s a way for them to learn about trending topics from industry experts without having to leave their office or desks,” she said. “They get content that is relevant to an inclusive workforce on a daily basis.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Employer Seminar Series, email to receive the monthly training announcement.