Welcome to Our New Research Assistants!

We’re excited to welcome our RAs for 2015-2016 and invite you to get to know more about them and their projects! In the coming months, we will be highlighting each of them and their work, so stay tuned for more information.

Alex Sherman – Communication Sciences and Disorders; Teaching Age-appropriate Academic Learning via Communication RA

Allie Rhodes – Special Education; HDI Evaluation Unit RA

Tela Warren – Social Work; HDI Evaluation Unit RA

Matt Lakamp – School Psychology; Belonging in the Community RA

Mark Samudre – Special Education; Quality of Life Survey RA

Emily Yingling – School Psychology; Core RA

Rachel Jacob – School Psychology; Research RA

Bethany Stump – School Psychology; Kentucky Post School Outcome Center RA

Katie Terrell – School Psychology; Supported Higher Education Program and CCR RA

Katie Hastings – School Psychology; Kentucky Peer Support Network (Past Burberry Award Winner featured above.)

Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones shares, “We are really excited about our incoming group of RAs at HDI. They are a diverse group of students, representing a variety of disciplines. I know several of them are actively working on publications and presentations already, and the semester is just underway. I hope their time here provides them great opportunities beyond what they receive in their program of study, and bolsters their success in their respective fields. We are so glad they are here at HDI!”