Photo of Lisa Dunkley

Research Assistant Spotlight: Lisa Dunkley

Article by Bill Mazzoleni. Photo by Kari Jones.

Lisa Dunkley was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She has a BSC in Psychology and a MA in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is pursuing the doctoral program in Rehabilitation Counseling in the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation.

Her research interest is focusing on the offender population inclusive of juvenile offenders. She is currently working at HDI as a Research Assistant with Jill Griffiths on the College and Career Readiness Project. She is also pursuing the graduate certificate in Developmental Disabilities and the AUCD Trainee Liaison.

I’m interested in working at HDI because it offers me an excellent overview of intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan. It has given me a great opportunity to learn more about working with the childhood and adolescent population as opposed to adults.

Ms. Dunkley’s long term goal is to become a Dean of an institute and employ what she has learned to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with disabilities in higher education.