Photo of Stephanie Meredith

Remote Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Meredith

By Bill Mazzoleni

Stephanie Meredith is HDI’s Information Services Director. She has worked at HDI for five years. What brought her to HDI is her and Harold Kleinert’s work on resources about Down syndrome for new and expectant parents. They met in 2007 at a conference about setting the research agenda for Down syndrome at the CDC, and he started reviewing material that Meredith created about Down syndrome. He was also working on the Brighter Tomorrow’s website. In 2012, they decided to come together and put their projects as one National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources at HDI. Stephanie also works on the KentuckyWorks Grant employment project. This focuses on youth with significant intellectual disabilities transitioning from high school to work or post-secondary education.

She currently lives in Canton, Georgia. She attended Brigham Young University in Utah. Her favorite ice cream is anything with sea salt caramel. Her favorite book is Man’s Search for Meaning; however, she said that her favorite fun book is Harry Potter. Stephanie stated that HDI has been a wonderful for her because she gets the opportunity to explore lots of different interests with disability studies.