Photo of Mary Comis.

Trainee Spotlight: Mary Comis

by Bill Mazzoleni

Mary Comis is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She was attending Duquesne University for undergrad work in Pittsburgh; however, she is now attending UK. Her area of study is School Psychology.

Her current work at HDI is trainee for certificate program for developmental disability. She is interested in doing work at HDI because it’s related to her field of study. She will be interacting with people with all ranges of disabilities. It is important for her to understand certain circumstances they may experience.

When it comes to her ice cream flavor, she can be found devouring strawberry. As far as books are concerned, she doesn’t read much for fun, but she does have a preference for Pride and Prejudice. Her favorite hobby is cooking. She has a dog named Nala, who is part pit-bull and part Border collie.