HDI Contributes to Southeast ADA Center Moneywise Conference in Atlanta about Financial Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Conference Speaker Christopher Coleman, “Unconfined” Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach. Photo by Andy Meredith.

HDI’s Barry Whaley worked alongside colleagues from the Southeast ADA Center of Friday, September 23 to host a full day conference: “The Moneywise: Financial Opportunities for People with Disabilities” at The Frazer Center in Atlanta. About 60 people attended the conference to learn about pursuing their financial and career aspirations; accessing financial, small business, educational, medical, and housing opportunities; and maximizing government benefits and establishing ABLE accounts. The event featured a diverse representation of speakers sharing insights about various aspects of financial independence, as well as motivational messages.

Barry explains, “People with disabilities face difficult economic challenges.  As a minority group, they have three times the unemployment rate of people without disabilities, have a workforce participation rate of less than 20%.  They are more likely to be “un-banked” or “under-banked”.  Often, people with disabilities are caught in the trap of “pay day lenders” and other unsecured creditors.  Money Wise is a major first step in providing valuable resources around financial empowerment and wealth building for people who are economically vulnerable, to make good financial decisions.”