HDI Center for Assistive Technology Services (CATS) Opens in the New Year!

HDI Center for Assistive Technology Services (CATS) is the new regional Assistive Technology Regional Center (ATRC) serving Lexington and the surrounding region starting January 2. This center can loan assistive technology to Kentuckians with disabilities to help individuals achieve their goals and live successfully in their communities. Join us for the Grand Opening celebration on February 9 from 3-5pm!

HDI CATS provides a lending library of equipment and devices available for checkout, training opportunities around assistive technology and relevant legislation, and demonstration of equipment to people throughout central Kentucky. Our mission is to ensure Kentuckians with disabilities have access to assistive technologies that maximize independent living in the communities of their choice.

The objective of HDI CATS is to provide statewide comprehensive assistive technology (AT) activities in accordance with the federal Assistive Technologies Act of 1998, as amended. AT is any item or piece of equipment (both low-tech and high-tech) used to improve and/or maintain independence in the home, at work, school or play. HDI CATS is a member of the Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS) Network, which serves as the Assistive Technology Act Program for the State of Kentucky and whose mission is to make AT information, devices and services easily obtainable.

We are very excited to be working as part of the KATS Network to provide these services to the Lexington region!  We know that assistive technology increases people’s ability to be independent in all life areas, and are excited to help Kentuckians with disabilities around Lexington find the best tools to help them. —Christina Espinosa-Bard, Project Director

HDI CATS is located at 2358 Nicholasville Rd Suite 180 Lexington, KY 40503, ad you can reach us at 859-218-7979. You can also follow HDI CATS on Facebook.