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Exploring the Intersectionality of Ability, Race, & Religion

Dr. Nicholas Wright and Maria Kemplin, staff at the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute, received a University of Kentucky Office for Institutional Diversity Award to support programs that are student-centric and foster collaboration through partnerships that address the important of diverse views and cultures. In partnership with the Martin Luther King Center and the Disability Resource Center, staff will explore the intersectionality of ability, and race.

Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how various social categories interact to create unique experiences of discrimination and privilege. Most people understand race is a concept of diversity, but ability has been historically omitted from this conversation and religion is another concept that is absent from conversations surrounding DEI.

This award will be used to host an educational event for all students, staff, and faculty members to gain a better understanding of this multifaceted experience in diversity. By gaining exposure and learning about intersectionality, we can address and dismantle systems of oppression to better support all students holistically.

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