Empowering People to Navigate the University of Kentucky

The Accessibility Mapping Project is providing the University of Kentucky community with current and accessible mobility related data about campus. This effort is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Human Development Institute, Kentucky Geological Survey, Facilities Information Services, and Parking and Transportation Services.

Individuals living, working, and visiting UK’s campus have a wide range of abilities. Generating and promoting the availability of data related to our built environment creates a far more welcoming university campus. The application of this information will greatly affect the ability to independently and efficiently navigate our campus by people with a variety of needs. This work will have a direct positive impact on our University mission to enhance diversity and inclusivity.

HDI’s Anna Bard is training students to use mobile technology in the field to survey accessibility features on campus including building entrance details, sidewalk route features and hazards, and accessible parking locations. The collected data will be integrated into the official University of Kentucky campus maps and available in an interactive and flexible web environment. Further application development will produce an accessible routing option. Accessible routing will automate a selected UK campus path from accessible transportation or parking space, through navigable paths, to accessible entrances of the final destination.

“We are excited to be working toward creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment at University of Kentucky, and playing a part in fulfilling the mission of promoting diversity, inclusion, economic development, and human well-being.” –Anna Bard