Phil Rumrill staff photo

Dr. Phillip Rumrill to deliver Hanoch Livneh Lecture on Psychosocial Adaptation Research

The Council on Psychosocial Adaptation Research (PAR) has invited Dr. Phillip Rumrill, Director of Research and Training at the UK Human Development Institute, to deliver the prestigious Hanoch Livneh Lecture on PAR at the 2022 National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference in San Diego, California. The title of the presentation is Strategies for Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of People with Emerging Disabilities across Phases of the Rehabilitation Counseling Process.

Chung-Yi Chiu, Ph.D., CRC, University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign and Brad McDaniels, Ph.D., CRC, University of North Texas serve as Co-Chairs for the Council on Psychosocial Adaptation Research for the National Council on Rehabilitation Education.

Dr. McDaniels says, “We could think of no one more passionate about nor instrumental to our current conceptualization of psychosocial adaptation. Your ability to identify novel concepts related to PAR, along with your prestigious record of research make you the ideal candidate”.

Congratulations, Dr. Rumrill!