Jacob Mason Tina Jackson Story video still with Jacob and Tina during the interview with the caption: "Who are you and why do you want to share your story?"

Digital Storytelling Initiative

Tina Jackson is a disability justice advocate living in Louisa, KY. She tells her story of growing up, and aging, with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Tina says, “At my age, I can share with young people that it will be okay and you can live a long productive life with proper planning, maintaining good healthcare and using the right resources.”

View the video here: https://youtu.be/VooI1Rey42c

This is the first of four videos in the Digital Storytelling Initiative, a University of Kentucky Human Development Institute – HDI Fund for Excellence Project. The Digital Storytelling Initiative utilizes the StoryCorps® facilitation model to preserve and share stories by, about, and told by people with disabilities. In these videos, both the interviewer and interviewee are people who experience disability in their lives. Tina was interviewed by HDI staff member, Jacob Mason. If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Storytelling Initiative, contact patti.logsdon@uky.edu.