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50th Anniversary Spotlight on Maria E. Delgado

“Don’t ever stop trying to make a difference.”
Maria E. Delgado – Accessibility Consultant and Consumer Advisory Council Member

How did you come to know HDI?
Several years ago, I was invited by Dr. Harold Kleinert to do a web accessibility presentation for HDI. After the presentation, I was approached to help review the HDI website for accessibility, as well as to translate many of the available materials into Spanish. Through my work with HDI, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and respect for its mission, so I was honored to receive an invitation to become part of the Consumer Advisory Council.
How long have you been at HDI and what is your role?
I have been involved with HDI since 2014 as an accessibility consultant, a Spanish translator, and a member of the CAC.
During your time at HDI, of which accomplishments are you most proud?
Assisting HDI in making materials and information available to underserved populations.
Looking back, can you please share with us a fun or fond moment you had at HDI?
Every interaction with HDI is meaningful. We share a common goal that truly matters to real people.
What do you think the future holds for HDI?
I believe HDI is paving the way to a more inclusive society, and I already see change compared to previous years. I see a lot of good work for us in the future.