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50th Anniversary Spotlight on Corlia Logsdon

HDI has always represented possibilities, and removal of barriers, to enable all children and adults with disabilities, and their families, to achieve the greatest level of independence and self-determination possible.
Corlia Logsdon, Regional Child Care Administrator

How did you come to know HDI?
I was an HDI School Psychology Training Grant Recipient in graduate school.
How long have you been at HDI and what is your role?
I have been with Child Care Aware as a Regional Child Care Administrator since 2015.
During your time at HDI, of which accomplishments are you most proud?
There have been many accomplishments in my past and present work with HDI, but I am most proud of my work with developing courses aimed at reducing suspension and expulsion in early care and education settings among children demonstrating challenging behavior.
Looking back, can you please share with us a fun or fond moment you had at HDI?
My fondest memories working with HDI were as a School Psychology Training Grant recipient while working with other students to develop a curriculum document that would be used with future trainees. It was exciting to be on the cutting edge of defining best practices in multi-disciplinary assessment.
Do you have any advice you would like to share with current and future staff and students at HDI?
I would say to focus on scaffolding, and not ceilings, when planning for your clients, and for your own work. You never know where today’s projects may take you.
What do you think the future holds for HDI?
I see exciting partnerships being formed and expanding multidisciplinary teams across the university community to better serve our clients, improving life for them and their families.