Maurice Dawson staff photo

2023 Jacki Shouse Service Award Dedicated to the Memory of Maurice Dawson, Jr

Jacki Shouse began working at the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute in March of 1990. She accepted her first position with the Human Development Institute in February of 1998, where she spent the next 19 years until her retirement. Although we miss her greatly, giving the annual Shouse Service Award gives us an opportunity to reflect on what she meant to HDI.

This award is given to an HDI staff member who demonstrates excellent job performance through their contributions to increase efficiency, provision of high-quality customer service, increased cost savings, or enhanced daily operations. The candidate must be responsive, respectful, and work collaboratively with others.

This year’s award is dedicated to the memory of Maurice Dawson, Jr., Computer Support Specialist. Nominations were received from multiple staff members who shared special memories of Maurice and his impact on HDI.

“Maurice took time to get to know each colleague in such a unique and personal way. He brightened everyone’s day with his dry sense of humor, incredible wit, and silly memes at what always seemed to be sent at the perfect time.”

“He juggled so many tasks at Coldstream and made it look effortless”.

“Maurice always made folks feel like they were his top priority, even though there were hundreds of us.”

We are grateful for another opportunity to remember our colleague and friend.