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AAC stands for Augmentative Alternative Communication. Resources and information for working with individuals who use AAC or need AAC to communicate effectively.

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Communication using AAC

Kentucky Speaks AAC provides training and resource links for educators, speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, AAC users, and their family members to improve communication outcomes for AAC users and potential AAC users.

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Who uses AAC?

Potential AAC users include individuals who may not use oral speech to communicate a variety of intentions for whom AAC provides additional support for robust communication.

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TAALC Communication Series

Information on projects can go here if you have any.

Supporting use of AAC for transition-aged youth and adults, and school-aged children

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National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities (NJC)

All people with a disability of any extent or severity have a basic right to affect, through communication, the conditions of their existence. Beyond this general right, a number of specific communication rights should be ensured in all daily interactions and interventions involving persons who have severe disabilities.

From the NJC (