Consumer Advisory Council

Group Photo of the Consumer Advisory Council 2019
Joe Cowan, Camille Collins, Cathy Lerza, Kathy Sheppard-Jones, Walt Bower, Jennifer Hicks, Vivian Lasley, Emily Moseley, Donna Littrell.

The Human Development Institute Consumer Advisory Council is composed in the majority of individuals with disabilities and family members, and also includes the heads of key state agencies with whom the staff of the Institute works.

The mission of the Consumer Advisory Council is to strengthen the work of the Human Development Institute by giving advisement and direction to the HDI, advocating for systems change, assisting with evaluation of HDI effectiveness, reviewing and assisting in the development of HDI proposals, and sharing information about the HDI with others. The Consumer Advisory Council officers are individuals with disabilities and/or family members. The Council is strongly committed to developing the leadership capacity of individuals and families.