Seminar Series

Our Seminar Series provides interactive seminars on current topics relevant to people with disabilities, families, and professionals. Seminars are broadcast live from the Coldstream Training Room, enabling participants to choose to join the seminar in person or online through the live video stream. Continuing education units (CEUs) are often available for various disciplines. We also record the seminars and make them available online.

Dustin Wygant, PhD, Myra Beth Bundy, PhD, BCBA, Allison Connelly, JD
Phil Rumrill PhD, Caroline Gooden PhD, Marisa Toomey MD FAAP
Improving Services for Children and Adults with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities through the KY LEND
Lauren Avellone, PhD, Hannah Seward, MS
Jordan Phemister, PLA, ASLA, Joe Howell, PLA, ASLA and Ryan Hargrove, PhD
DJ Hendricks, EdD
During times of economic stress, leveraging all available resources is vital. JAN provides free and confidential information on accommodating people with disabilities in the workplace. Whether it’s information on devices, hardware and software, or helpful policy changes, the experienced consultants at JAN can provide you with information that is both current and customized to your specific situation.
Brian T. McMahon, PhD, Phillip D. Rumrill, PhD
Walt Bower, PhD
There are hundreds of thousands of individuals with significant disabilities who remain unemployed in this country. This is a massive waste of a valuable human resource. Businesses of all sizes and industries have indicated their interest in hiring persons with disabilities, but they want to know more about how to find qualified workers, how to support them in productive jobs and how to best retain them. The key to both of these critical issues is to help community rehabilitation programs, rehabilitation counselors, and transition specialists to reach out to business to establish long term partnerships.
The speakers for this interactive seminar are rehabilitation counselors discussing their experiences of working with individuals having a disability and aging. They will discuss how disability, including age related disabilities, may be accommodated as individuals continue to work past the traditional age of retirement. The presenters will review resources available, including assistive technology, in the workplace.