“Welcoming a Newborn with Down Syndrome” Book Now Available in Spanish Thanks to the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation

The new parent guide, “Welcoming a Newborn with Down Syndrome” by Nancy McCrea Iannone and HDI’s Stephanie Meredith, has just been released in Spanish thanks to a generous grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation. The newborn book published last year was specifically written for new parents during the first months after the birth of their baby with Down syndrome and includes topics like breastfeeding, adjusting to a diagnosis, preparing siblings, understanding medical issues, preparing for the future, and, most importantly, it shares diverse stories about the daily lives of families whose children have Down syndrome at different ages.

The Spanish version of “Welcoming a Newborn with Down Syndrome” is available in print at http://downsyndromepregnancy.org/books/ and also free online through the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources at the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute. This book was also reviewed by top professionals in the medical, education, and Down syndrome communities and includes beautiful photography. Continue reading