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HDI Introduces “Transportation Tuesdays”

HDI introduces a new series: Transportation Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday for the next six weeks, we will share alternative, accessible modes of transportation and how to access them for yourself or someone you support.

For millions of Medicaid beneficiaries, a lack of transportation presents a serious barrier to accessing medical treatment and community-based services. Did you know that Kentuckians who receive Medicaid benefits can get the transportation assistance they need to get to and from medical appointments and other plan of care associated services?

This service is called Medicaid NEMT and is managed across Kentucky by 16 regional transportation brokers. NEMT Service is available:
• To Medicaid recipients of all ages who lack their own transportation
• To every home in Kentucky, no matter how rural
• At no cost to the rider
• To get to and from any Medicaid appointment or Medicaid related service

Learn more about Medicaid NEMT by watching short videos, listening to audio content, or viewing handouts here: https://transportation.hdiuky.org/nemt/

Contact Maria.Kemplin@uky.edu for more information.

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The Department for Medicaid Services Rescinds Proposed Changes to the Collection of Patient Liability for Long-Term Care Waiver Recipients

by Kevin McManis

Between May and June 2018, the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services sent letters to approximately 20,000 Kentucky long-term care waiver recipients detailing the amount of ‘patient liability’ they were expected to pay each month to maintain their Medicaid eligibility. After a Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee meeting and testimony from advocates in July, Medicaid officials announced they were not going to change patient liability and would provide further guidance after review. Continue reading

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Fall Seminar: Medicaid Waivers 101

“What are the Medicaid waiver programs available to assist persons with developmental disabilities in Kentucky? What services does the Medicaid waivers program offer in Kentucky? How do I apply for Kentucky’s Medicaid waivers program? Join us for the Medicaid Waivers 101 HDI seminar to receive answers to these questions!” – Lori Gresham

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Photo of State Senator Will Schroder, Ashley Meier Barlow, Parent Allison Ball, KY State Treasurer Amanda Stahl, Advocate

Spring Seminar: “ABLE Accounts and other Financial Planning Tools: The Importance of Developing a Financial Identity”

Millions of persons with disabilities and their families are often relegated to a life of poverty as a result of not being allowed to build even the most modest levels of resources. Persons receiving supports through Social Security, Medicaid and other publicly-funded programs are often disqualified from those supports if they have more than $2,000 worth of countable resources or assets.  –Carolyn Wheeler

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Photo of State Senator Will Schroder, Ashley Meier Barlow, Parent Allison Ball, KY State Treasurer Amanda Stahl, Advocate

Accessing the New Kentucky ABLE Accounts

The STABLE Kentucky program has launched in Kentucky to make savings more accessible for everyone! This program allows qualified individuals with disabilities to save up to $14,000 a year in an ABLE account without jeopardizing their eligibility for federally-funded means tested benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. The funds in the account can be used for disability-related expenses that assist in increasing and/or maintaining health, independence or quality of life. For more information visit StableKentucky.com. Continue reading