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Do you have something to say about COVID-19 and disability?

The University of Kentucky Human Development Institute (HDI) is collecting stories from individuals with disabilities about COVID-19 in Kentucky and how it affects people living with disabilities. Your story can add to the discussions state leaders are having about the impact of COVID-19. There are different ways to tell your story. Visit to attach a file that tells your story in video, audio, pictures or in written form. You may have someone help you fill out the form. You can also contact HDI by calling 859-257-8104 and share your story by phone or video relay service.

Anyone with a disability-related issue or question can contact Kentucky Protection and Advocacy at 1-800-372-2988. You do not have to be receiving disability benefits or be a U.S. citizen to receive assistance.

By completing this survey, you are giving the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky (HDI-UK) and Kentucky Protection & Advocacy permission to share your story in advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Your personal information will not be shared, unless HDI-UK contacts you for written consent.

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The Department for Medicaid Services Rescinds Proposed Changes to the Collection of Patient Liability for Long-Term Care Waiver Recipients

by Kevin McManis

Between May and June 2018, the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services sent letters to approximately 20,000 Kentucky long-term care waiver recipients detailing the amount of ‘patient liability’ they were expected to pay each month to maintain their Medicaid eligibility. After a Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee meeting and testimony from advocates in July, Medicaid officials announced they were not going to change patient liability and would provide further guidance after review. Continue reading

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Results From Needs Assessment for Kentuckians with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities

by Amanda Corbin

Education and early intervention, self-advocacy, employment, housing, transportation, childcare, and community supports were all listed as areas of need by service providers, family members and self-advocates in the statewide 2017 Joint Needs Assessment Survey.

Continue reading

Joint Needs Assessment Report

In spring 2015, the Commonwealth Council for Developmental Disabilities, Kentucky Protection and Advocacy, and the Human Development Institute (HDI), (University of Kentucky) developed a needs assessment to identify areas of high need for people with disabilities in Kentucky in an effort to assist the above agencies in planning purposes. Continue reading