Tony Lobianco pictured, white man with salt and pepper hair, short beard, and he uses a wheelchair

HDI 50th Anniversary Spotlight on Tony Lobianco

My advice for current and future staff and students at HDI is that there are many ways to address issues that we come across in our work, and the diverse ways of considering approaches that our staff have is one of HDI’s most valuable resources. — Tony Lobianco, Principal Investigator/Project Director of the Kentucky Post School Outcomes Center

How did you come to know HDI? 
I heard about HDI when Claudia Earnharth told me about a research assistant position.

How long were you with HDI and what was your role? 
I’ve been at HDI almost 17 years, first as an RA, then a STEPS employee, then full-time member of Evaluation Unit, and now Project Director with KyPSO.
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