Institution of Higher Education – MSD

The IHE consortium, a successful initiative of the KY SPDG, is comprised of active faculty from
universities within the commonwealth of Kentucky that offer training programs for teachers
preparing to serve students with moderate and severe disabilities (MSD).

Products and Services Provided

  • Convene collaborative cross-agency teams
    The consortium has worked to foster communication across MSD faculty at these universities
    and share program information helpful to strengthening all MSD programs across Kentucky.
  • Design instructional supports for improved outcomes
    Significant efforts have been made by working closely with Kentucky’s Education Professional
    Standards Board (EPSB) to modify and update statewide support documents that are used
    with low incidence teachers during initial training and first year teacher internship, (e.g. KTIP
    documents; principal walk-throughs).
  • Provide policy support
    Through twice yearly meetings, the consortium reviews current EPSB requirements for new
    teacher interns and national issues facing the field of low incidence disabilities and teacher
  • Provide professional development resources and technical assistance
    The consortium also serves as a feedback loop between pre- and in-service professional
    development providers such as Special Education Cooperatives that provide direct services to
    districts. Information learned through IHE members are used to inform pre-service
    curriculum, while IHE expertise is used to enhance SPDG in-service professional development.

Contact Information:

Michael Abell, PhD, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky,


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