Disability Pride Month 2023

The University of Kentucky Human Development Institute celebrates Disability Pride Month 2023. Visit hdi.uky.edu to learn more about our vision of the full participation and contribution of all people with disabilities in all aspects of society. See the transcript below.


Disability Pride Month Video Transcript


  • Slide 1  Disability Pride Month July 2023 
  • Slide 2  As we celebrate disability pride, we asked what disability pride means to you.  Here are some of the things you told us… 
  • Slide 3  Disability pride means… 
  • Slide 4  Equality and fairness to fully participate in school, work and society. 
  • Slide 5  Keeping disability a part of who people are and not something to be separated from their identity. 
  • Slide 6  Disability pride means I am not ashamed that I have a disability, I am not afraid to tell the world, my family, my friends, my employer, and even strangers that I am a person with a disability!
    I am extremely proud of the person I am, and all my strengths that I have and continue to build upon! 
  • Slide 7  I will show the world that “I am here and I am capable!” 
  • Slide 8  Acknowledging, accepting, and honoring the person… 
  • Slide 9  Disability Pride means to look at the good attributes of disability, not just the challenges.  To not just be aware of one’s disability, but to accept them for who they are. 
  • Slide 10  Acknowledging the beauty and gifts in all individuals and the impact, big and small, of each person on the world. 
  • Slide 11  That there is an effort to understand that disability is to be celebrated, not denied, or ignored. 
  • Slide 12  Means equality, no discrimination, and it means respecting each other’s points of view. 
  • Slide 13  To be a voice for yourself and others. 
  • Slide 14  Being proud of yourself. 
  • Slide 15  Disability Pride means not hiding a person with disability away but helping them get out in the world, show off their strengths and find ways to do all the things they wish, even if it’s more difficult to start than for peers.  
  • Slide 16  Disability Pride is the celebration of those who are born with or those who incurred a disability. It’s to bring awareness to all types of disability.  
  • Slide 17  Disability pride means being completely authentic and comfortable in your identity. It means not hiding who you are or any piece of who you are.  Personally, disability pride means being proud that disability is a part of who I am as a person. 
  • Slide 18  Proud of my disability. 
  • Slide 19  Celebrating what someone with disabilities CAN DO. 
  • Slide 20 Pride in owning the condition and NOT the condition owning the person. 
  • Slide 21  Celebrating that differences in ability represent part of the range of human diversity.
    Fighting for a world where accommodations are the rule and not the exception. 
  • Slide 22  INDEPENDENCE… to be free to perform everyday tasks when you are disabled and contribute. 
  • Slide 23  Being accepted as I am … 
  • Slide 24  Having pride in yourself for how you live your life, work, socialize, function, and help others. 
  • Slide 25  Disability Pride can be about employers and agencies that are dedicated to helping those who are dealing with a disability.  
  • Slide 26  Disability Pride celebrates my son and all the accomplishments he has already achieved! I’m eager to see what else he is going to do. 
  • Slide 27  Being treated as equal, not less than, in ALL things. 
  • Slide 28  Not being ashamed of your disability. 
  • Slide 29  Celebrating the many ways we adapt to the challenges to our abilities everyday. Figuring out different ways to accomplish the same goals … 
  • Slide 30  Being unapologetically me! 
  • Slide 31  It took me a LONG time to truly embrace the word disability .. nobody wants to be labeled, but as time passed and I continued hopping around this beautiful world, I learned to appreciate being unique!  
  • Slide 32  …… a time for – inclusion – beauty -individuality – blessing – kindness – support – equity – caring – understanding – uniqueness… 
  • Slide 33  Disability Pride is showing up for the challenge and being at the finish line. 
  • Slide 34  Human Development Institute  hdi.uky.edu 
  • Soundtrack Information  The music for this video is from a royalty-free music source: https://pixabay.com/  The name of the music is: corporate-video-long-9736 

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