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What We Do

Formative and Summative Evaluation 
• Design multi-method evaluations of programs that examine both their outcomes and processes.
• Focus on the questions program administrators and funders most need answered.
• Develop logic models and outcome measures to help organizations align their resources and activities with the results they are trying to achieve.
• Conduct policy briefs that will inform practitioners and decision-makers about current best practices within a policy area, as well as promising opportunities for future work.
• Capture programmatic best practices.
• Assess fidelity of program implementation.

Data Collection and Analysis
• Develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation instruments.
• Design online, web-based and paper surveys.
• Conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups.
• Perform quantitative, statistical analysis of program data (including student assessment data).
• Design and manage databases to capture individual program needs.

Program Planning
• Provide coaching and technical assistance on evaluation to build capacity within organizations.
• Perform needs assessments and environmental scans for strategic planning.
• Facilitate strategic planning among program leaders and stakeholders.

Resource Development
• Conduct and assist in proposals, grant writing, and IRB applications to help programs obtain state, federal, or private funding.
• Develop customized products for stakeholders and policy makers concerning program impact.


Chithra Adams
Director, Evaluation Unit
202 Mineral Industries Building
University of Kentucky 40506
Phone: 859-218-0245

About Us

The Evaluation Unit integral to the University of Kentucky, Human Development Institute (HDI), which serves as the University Center of Excellence for Developmental Disabilities in Kentucky. We collaborate with the nation’s leading experts in developmental disabilities, those who support persons with disabilities and their families in education and assessment, healthcare, employment, faith communities, and other important life areas.

HDI’s Evaluation Unit has provided evaluation services to the Tennessee and Kentucky Departments of Education, the Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Universities and Community Colleges, parent advocacy groups, school districts and non-profit agencies, as well as the internal evaluation of the HDI projects and services. Team members have extensive experience in evaluation, public policy, education and special education and have worked in both for-profit and non-profit environments.

We have experience in using multiple methods to conduct evaluations including online and printed surveys, focus groups, individual interviews and observations (both structured and unstructured), analysis of existing data sets including longitudinal data, and document reviews that include narrative analysis and other qualitative research methods.

Our Mission

The Evaluation Unit Mission is to provide accurate, useful and relevant information about program outcomes and processes to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families. We are committed to fostering a climate of respect for all persons through evaluation services that are stakeholder-centered and client-responsive.