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2020-2021 Training Dates


Given the ongoing and anticipated risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Work Transition Program has moved the 2020 Fall Trainings online. We will host a training through the Human Development Institute online training center. We made this difficult decision in order to protect the health and well-being of our Employment Specialists, school staff, and OVR personnel as well as members of our communities.

As we prepare for a unique and different fall training we want to keep you updated on training dates and registration procedures. Please note that we are adapting our training method to follow CDC and state guidelines and are committed to providing our districts with a thorough and effective training.

It is mandatory all new and returning Employment Specialists and the Primary CWTP Contact attend the online training. To clarify, Employment Specialists are staff providing CWTP services directly to students and billing VR. The Primary CWTP Contact is the assigned contact that will work with the Employment Specialist by reading and signing documentation to verify services provided and submitting documentation/quarterly billing to OVR. Any other school staff and OVR personnel are welcome to attend.

The training consists of two requirements, first is a self-directed CWTP course, open from September 1st through the 7th allowing time to complete the training at one’s own pace. The course includes multiple lessons with video presentations. You must complete the entire course by the 7th.  Next you must fulfill the second requirement by participating in a Q&A session conducted with CWTP staff via Zoom.

If you are unable to attend this session you must attend a make-up session. The makeup dates along with the additional New Employment Specialist training dates will be forthcoming.

Fall 2020-2021 Required Training

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation– Any individual employed by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation- most will have a school district participating in the Community Work Transition Program on their case-load.

 CWTP Primary Contact– Individual that collaborates with the Employment Specialists, reads the monthly notes and quarterly billing sent to them by the Employment Specialists, sign them and send to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for payment of authorized services. 

Returning Employment Specialist- Individual providing services to students participating in the Community Work Transition Program. This individual has attended a two day Mandatory Employment Specialist Training in the past. 

New Employment Specialist- Individual that was recently hired by the school system to provide services to students participating in the CWTP. This individual has not attended a mandatory 2 day training for New Employment Specialists.

Other School Staff

If you have any questions please contact Patricia Wilkerson at

Please send questions and comments regarding CWTP to Trina Hewlett.
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