University Lecture Series

The Human Development Institute has an extensive catalog of one-hour lecture and seminar style presentations available at the University of Kentucky. These lectures are being offered virtually through zoom for online classes as well. We welcome the opportunity to bring diverse perspectives to your classes. The lectures cover an array of topics that include: foundational lectures on disability, advocacy, health, employment, early childhood, universal design, and assistive technology. Presenters are people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, and other interdisciplinary experts. For more information or to schedule a lecture for your class, contact Caroline Gooden at

Human Development Institute: University Lecture Series 2021 [PDF]

This lecture will further enhance the interdisciplinary training aspect of the Graduate Certificate and the Undergraduate Certificate as more on campus students become involved with HDI projects. The lecture will discuss research opportunities available for students to engage with HDI projects, practicum opportunities available for students, and HDI’s family mentor program as a valuable training opportunity for students to learn first-hand from the family’s perspective.

Kathy Sheppard-Jones, Walt Bower

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals with significant disabilities who remain unemployed in this country. This is a massive waste of a valuable human resource. Businesses of all sizes and industries have indicated their interest in hiring persons with disabilities, but they want to know more about how to find qualified workers, how to support them in productive jobs and how to best retain them. The key to both of these critical issues is to help community rehabilitation programs, rehabilitation counselors, and transition specialists to reach out to business to establish long term partnerships.