Lou-Ann Land staff photo
Lou-Ann Land
Technical Assistance Specialist
KY Peer Support Network Project; TAALC; KYPSO
Phone: 859-257-7672
Responsibilities: My overall responsibilities include developing teacher-training materials on current evidence based best practices for students who participate in AA-AAS related to curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Topics include supporting students to access grade-specific academic content in inclusive settings, developing and expanding students’ communicative competence, and interpreting post-school outcomes data to identify how it informs school-age programs and instruction. Trainings developed are flexible, reflect various formats, and include face-to-face and distance learning (e.g., on-line coaching, presentations, meetings, and streaming videos).
Experiences: I rely on my 19 years of teaching experience in supporting the projects I currently work on, as well as the experiences from the following projects I have worked on while at HDI: KY SPLASH Training Inclusive Large Scale Standards and Assessment National Alternate Assessment Center National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC)-GSEG
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