Employment Concerns among Latinas/os and African Americans with Multiple Sclerosis

An Examination of Labor Force Participation, Employment Concerns, and Workplace Discrimination among Latinas/os and African Americans with Multiple Sclerosis.
Funded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, this project will provide a current national perspective on labor force participation, employment concerns, and workplace discrimination for Latina/o and African American adults with MS. Recent epidemiological data document the increased number of African American and Latina/o adults diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Research indicates that members of both groups encounter significant difficulties in securing and maintaining employment. However, the specific factors that are most strongly related to labor force participation among non-Caucasians with MS are not well understood.
Findings from this project will impact people with MS and the scientific community, and both constituencies will benefit from our expanded understanding of the employment concerns of African Americans and Latinas/os with MS. The ultimate goal of this novel research is to provide information that will guide future scientific inquiry regarding an understudied population of people with MS and enable African American and Latina/o adults with MS to enhance their employment outcomes and quality of life

Project Director: Phillip Rumrill
Categories: Employment.
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