Graduate Certificate Testimonials

Graduate Certificate Student Experiences

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“The Graduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities was a key factor for my application into the UK College of Social Work. This program has altered my thinking for the better through research, seminars, and actually talking to the people involved with disabilities. I can easily apply what I have learned in the certificate program to my career as a social worker so that I can help make a difference. Everyone I have met through HDI have been kind and willing to share their vast reserves of knowledge and experience in the field of developmental disabilities.” –  Tela Warren, Graduate Student in Social Work


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“I have loved being a part of the Graduate Certificate in Developmental Disability! The format of the class is great; having experts from each field come in to speak to the class has greatly increased my knowledge of so many issues related to the field of developmental disability.   I plan to work with children and adolescents with disabilities in the future, and I think having some knowledge about everything from assistive technology to communication to supported employment will enable me to better help all students!”– Katie Terrell, Graduate Student in School Psychology

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“The Graduate Certificate Program in Developmental Disability has been phenomenal! The practical experience and collaboration with a mentor family has added richness to my course curriculum and provided insight not found in the classroom. Further, the diverse presentations in lecture has rounded ideas of policy, advocacy, and intervention. I am so thankful for the holistic nature of the program and opportunity to participate.” – Michelle Osness, Graduate Student in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling