HDI Seminar Series: The Role of Ableism in Perpetuating Healthcare Inequities

Date: Friday, October 9, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Presenters: Kara Ayers, PhD, is the Associate Director and an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCCEDD). She is Director of the Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities and also co-founder of the Disabled Parenting Project.

Learning Objectives: This session will provide an overview of medical discrimination and healthcare inequities experienced by people with disabilities. Goals and objectives for the newly established Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities will be presented along with the Center’s five areas of focus: Prenatal diagnosis of disability, suicidality among people with disabilities, aging and end-of life care with a disability, discrimination in organ transplantation, and COVID-19 response related to the disability community. Seemingly diverse, these areas of focus share the same emphasis on addressing the bias and stigma about disability that results in poor health outcomes for the disabled community. Attendees will learn anti-ableism strategies to improve these outcomes.

Location: Online in Zoom

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