What We Do

Our services include:

Formative and Summative Evaluation
• Design multi-method evaluations of programs that examine both their outcomes and processes.
• Focus on the questions program administrators and funders most need answered.
• Develop logic models and outcome measures to help organizations align their resources and activities with the results they are trying to achieve.
• Conduct policy briefs that will inform practitioners and decision-makers about current best practices within a policy area, as well as promising opportunities for future work.
• Capture programmatic best practices.
• Assess fidelity of program implementation.

Data Collection and Analysis
• Develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation instruments.
• Design online, web-based and paper surveys.
• Conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups.
• Perform quantitative, statistical analysis of program data (including student assessment data).
• Design and manage databases to capture individual program needs.

Program Planning
• Provide coaching and technical assistance on evaluation to build capacity within organizations.
• Perform needs assessments and environmental scans for strategic planning.
• Facilitate strategic planning among program leaders and stakeholders.

Resource Development
• Conduct and assist in proposals, grant writing, and IRB applications to help programs obtain state, federal, or private funding.
• Develop customized products for stakeholders and policy makers concerning program impact.